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Frequently Asked Questions about the Levitt Pavilion


Can we bring alcohol?
You can bring anything you would like to drink to the free concerts, as long as there are no glass containers. For concerts that require tickets, you cannot bring coolers or your own beverages.

Where do we sit?
Most people bring lawn chairs and blankets to use on the lawn for the free concerts. There is also seating on the low walls around the lawn. Once we have reached capacity on the lawn, you may sit on Abram Street (which is closed for most concerts) and onto the sidewalk and steps of City Hall. For concerts that require tickets, chairs will be provided in rows. Please do not bring chairs or blankets to these concerts.

What time do people start getting there?
Although it varies depending on the artist, most people start arriving about an hour before concert time. They arrive much earlier if we are having a really popular artist. The Levitt is located in an open public park, so people can come any time before concert time.

Are there bathrooms?
Yes. There are bathroom trailers available.

Where do we park?
There is plenty of free parking all around the Levitt Pavilion – in the Pinnacle Corp. lot, at First Baptist Church and in the UTA College Park parking garage just south of First Baptist Church. We have agreements with all of these neighboring businesses to allow Levitt Pavilion parking during concerts. All of these parking areas have designated handicapped parking. Please see our Parking Map.

Can we bring the kids to the concerts?
Yes! All of the Levitt Pavilion concerts are family friendly.

Why were there no Children’s Concerts this summer?
Fewer and fewer people were coming to the Children’s Concerts, and those who did come often left before the concert was over. The Levitt Pavilion Board decided that it was not a good use of our budget to pay artists for these concerts, and were unable to find sponsors who were willing to sponsor them. It was a difficult decision. However, on Thursday nights, June 8 through July 13, we have Family Movie Night! Movies will be shown on our new video screen for families to enjoy on the lawn. All of the movies will be appropriate for all ages.

Is the Levitt non-smoking?
Although we are outside, concerts involve a large gathering of people in one area, which means no smoking is allowed on the lawn. Smokers are asked to move across Abram Street to the sidewalk in front of City Hall to smoke or to the blue ash container in the middle of South Street. This includes e-cigarettes and vapor cigarettes.

Is the Levitt wheelchair accessible?
Yes. The Levitt is completely wheelchair accessible with a ramp on the Abram Street side and ground level entrances on all four corners. There is sidewalk all around the lawn, and a concrete pad that can be used for wheelchairs whenever it’s not being used for VIP events.

Is there handicapped parking at the Levitt?
All of the parking lots surrounding the Levitt have designated handicapped parking spaces.

Are there concessions?
There are concessions for sale at the flag pole entrance to Founders Plaza on the corner of Abram and Pecan streets. J. Gilligan’s is at the pavilion grilling burgers, veggie burgers, chicken, quesadillas and their world-famous Irish nachos. Gilligan’s also sells beer and wine. Bahama Buck’s offers awesome snow cones.

Can we bring our dog to the concert?
You can bring your furry family member if it is on a leash and under your control at all times, well behaved, and you clean up after it. If a dog is disruptive or aggressive and spoils others’ enjoyment of the concert, you will be asked to come back another time. Please consider if the concert volume is suitable for your dog’s sensitive ears.

How much are tickets to the Levitt?
All of the Levitt Pavilion concerts are free except for our annual benefit concert and one other ticketed concert. Requiring a ticket purchase for one big concert a year plus a smaller ticketed concert helps us pay for more than 50 free concerts plus adds to the music options at the Levitt.

Why are there concerts that require tickets? I thought all the concerts are free.
While the vast majority of the concerts at the Levitt Pavilion are free, producing the concerts is not. Requiring a ticket purchase for one big concert a year plus a smaller ticketed concert helps us raise the money to pay for more than 50 free concerts, plus adds to the music options at the Levitt.

Where does the money you collect from the audience during every concert go?
It helps us pay the expenses to put on the concerts, including paying the musical artists and the technical crew to run the lights and sound.

What is that concrete pad for?
The concrete pad serves several purposes – sometimes all at the same time! It is a good spot for our wheelchair patrons. It also makes a nice dance floor. Sometimes we reserve it for our sponsors to host VIP parties on it.

Sometimes there is a roped off area down front. Who gets to sit there?
One of the benefits of being a season sponsor or a concert sponsor is being able to reserve an area to host a VIP party on the night of your concert. When that happens, we reserve an area down front.

Can you turn the fountain on/off?
The fountain is on a timer set by the Parks & Recreation Department that the Levitt Pavilion staff doesn’t have access to. During concert season, Parks & Rec sets the timer for the fountain to turn off before and during the concerts.

When does Abram Street get closed?
Arlington Police officers monitor the crowds at the Levitt Pavilion and make the decision when to close Abram Street. The street is closed on most concert nights usually about an hour before concert time.

Will the band sign my CD after the concert?
Most of the musical artists we book at the Levitt are more than happy to meet their fans and sign autographs. They will come down to the merchandise tent that’s close to the stage after their concert to do that. No one is allowed backstage.

What happens if it rains on concert night?
Texas weather is unpredictable, and we may not know if we have to cancel a concert until the very last minute. We make every effort to have a concert as planned, but if there is lightning, rain or anything that would be dangerous to our crew, the performers or our audience, or will damage our equipment, we will cancel the concert.

How do we know if a concert has been cancelled?
We make every effort to communicate when a concert has been cancelled just as quickly as possible. The first place to check is the Levitt Arlington app on your phone. You can download the app from the App Store for your device and sign up for notifications, including a weather notification. The next place to check is the 24-hour Information Line at 817.543.4301, then Facebook and Twitter. We also post information on the video screen at the pavilion, and we will have a weather update banner on the home page of our website.

Why aren’t there concerts all summer?
Our Texas summers usually have incredibly hot temperatures in August that keep audiences home in the air-conditioning. We take a break from concerts during those weeks and come back for more free music in September.

Why aren’t there concerts in April and early May, when the Texas weather is so beautiful?
The spring weather is beautiful! It’s also when we get a lot of rain. When we cancel a concert because of the weather, we still have to pay the musical artists, plus we then have to place that night’s concert sponsor on a night in the following season, which is then a night we can’t sell. Also, we have found that when school is in session, our crowds are smaller. Speaking of school, we allow the AISD to use the pavilion for two weeks in early May so that student bands, orchestras, choirs and dance teams can perform. Our board believes that the schedule we have allows us the most attendance and the least amount of weather cancellations.

How can my band play at the Levitt?
To play during a Levitt Pavilion concert season, musical artists must be original artists, which means that the majority of their performance must be original material, not cover songs. Artists also must have a commercially produced CD and a website. For detailed information about our criteria and how to submit your band, please see Perform.

How do you choose the bands that perform?
We get bands from several sources: attending music conferences, who’s playing in the area a lot, who has a significant fan following, recommendations from bands who play at the Levitt, submissions and suggestions. We have a Program Committee that listens to tons of music and bands and selects bands for our concert seasons. Our criteria and how to submit your band can be found on Perform.

I love the _____ band! They played last year … why aren’t they back this year?
There are so many bands and so much music available to us, it would be a shame to book the same artists every season, and eventually boring to our audiences. We make an effort to wait at least a year before repeating a musical artist. Sometimes we book them two years in a row, but not often. This effort does not apply to Brave Combo. They were the very first band to perform on the Levitt stage, and they open our fall concert series every year — it’s a tradition!

I keep suggesting my favorite band, and you never book them. Why not?
We take every suggestion seriously and check into every band name given to us. But when it comes time to booking them, there are many factors considered. Do they fit our budget? Will their music draw a large enough crowd for our sponsors? Is their music likely to be enjoyed by a broad-based audience? Do they have a big enough following? Can they work within our concert schedule? If they are from outside Texas, can we afford to bring them in? In some cases, it may take a while to work all of these details out and actually book them, and sometimes, they just don’t have a large enough following or fit our budget.

Do the bands play for free?
No. Our musical artists are paid professional artists’ fees.

I have sound technician experience. Can I help out at the Levitt?
We hire professional sound technicians with experience, especially those who have experience with large bands and outdoor venues. Technician resumes can be submitted to our Production Manager, Richard Treat, at richard@levittarlington.org.

How do I volunteer at the Levitt?
We have volunteers at every concert to work at the information table, pass out concert calendars, distribute sponsor giveaways, answer patron questions, collect audience information and collect audience donations. It’s easy work that allows you to meet people and support free music under the stars. To volunteer, please visit Volunteer, and fill out the volunteer form. You must be at least 16 years old and have a driver’s license to volunteer. Before each concert season, volunteers are asked to sign up for which concerts they prefer to work.

Can the Levitt be rented for a fundraiser/battle of the bands/wedding?
Yes. The Levitt Pavilion is available for rent when it is not concert season. Rentals are coordinated through Parks & Recreation. Please contact Derek DeBusk at 817.575.8283.

Can my group use the Levitt Pavilion for a picnic lunch or an informal gathering, or do we need permission?
The Levitt is located in a city park, Founders Plaza. People are welcome to use Founders Plaza any time you would use a city park.

Is the Levitt owned by the city?
The Levitt Pavilion structure was built through public and private donations, then donated to the city for Founders Plaza, which is a city park. A separate nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization, The Friends of the Levitt Pavilion Arlington, is the organization that programs more than 50 free concerts a year at the Levitt Pavilion. It is up to the Friends of the Levitt Pavilion to raise the funds necessary to produce more than 50 free concerts, which includes paying the musical artists and hiring a tech crew to run the lights and sound equipment, which is owned by Friends of the Levitt Pavilion.

Does the Levitt get money from the city?
The Friends of the Levitt Pavilion is not funded by the city. It is up to the Friends of the Levitt Pavilion to raise the funds necessary to produce more than 50 free concerts, which includes paying the musical artists and hiring a tech crew to run the lights and sound equipment.

How is the Levitt funded?
The Levitt is funded by sponsorships from businesses and organizations, grants, our annual benefit concert, any ticketed concerts, an annual giving campaign, passing the donation buckets at every concert, and sales from concessions and merchandise.

Can my organization pass out fliers or set up an information table during the concerts?
We reserve that privilege for those who are our season sponsors or concert sponsors.

How do you estimate crowd size for each concert?
We rely on the expertise of our friends in the Arlington Police Department, who are experienced in estimating crowds.

How many people can the pavilion hold?
Although it may not look like it, the Brock-Saxe Great Lawn can hold around 3,500 people. During the Pentatonix concert in 2012,  we had 12,000 all around the pavilion’s surrounding area. The audience can spill out into all of the areas outside of the main lawn, including Abram Street and up the steps of City Hall and in the vacant lot to the west of the pavilion.